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These kits are designed for lightweight race cars and are bolt in kits. Chromoly Coil over conversion kit contains : upper a arms with billet spacers / lower control arms with adjustable strut rods and CNC piovit shafts starting at $1650.00 with AFco single adjustable coil over shocks with choice of spring rate

Chromoly tube K frames for A - B - E bodys (front steer) kit contains : chromoly K frame with Flaming river rack, Billet steering arms,moly upper and lower a arms with adjustable struts, chromoly steering shaft, prices start at $3,700.00 with AFco single adjustable coil over shocks and choice of spring rate. uses your exsiting mopar spindles and brakes **************************************************************** this website is dedicated to the memory of Rick Judad ( Mr Belvedere ) R.I.P. Bro !****************************************************************

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